IF HEAVEN'S YOUR GOAL, an inspirational book by Chaplain Ron Ricketts

Let this book be your guide from the mundane to the miraculous!

A Book for Busy People In a Busy World.

Beyond the atmosphere, beyond the stars, lies the third heaven- God's dwelling place. It is real, it is a place, and it is up. And, there is a way to get there.

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A Personal Note
from Chaplain Ron

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Dear Reader,

Heaven is real.

Everyone counts on Heaven being their destination. But all too often people have missed the opportunity to accurately hear a message of how to really get there. portrait of Chaplain Ron

Anticipating the wonder of Heaven is part of the fun as we dream about what heaven will be like. You can too!

Very often people put off discovering the pathway that will ensure Heaven being their goal. Unfortunately, road blocks can get in the way. Please don't let this happen to you.

Exciting to think about! Are you ready to venture down this pathway? It's very easy to do as you read this plainly written book that will allow you insights warming to the heart, and of a loving God who desires you to know of his love for you.

Not everybody will take the time to ask the question, "How does one get to Heaven?" But you need to be your own best friend and discover what you can't afford not to know about how to get there. One phone call gets you this wonderful resource.

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Love, Chaplain Ron

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As we lead our busy lives, We have many things that sidetrack us from knowing about truths that help us make good decisions for our lives.

God, in His love and mercy, purposes to prepare a people for His presence. Being included among those prepared for His presence is a choice we can make. God has provided the way, but our response is essential!

In "If Heaven's Your Goal", Chaplain Ron Ricketts gently reminds us of this and the other truths which are so easily overlooked in our everyday lives, and provides us with a thought-provoking guide to leading a more fulfilling life in an increasingly complex world.

Taking the time to look into the Truths relating to our Eternity ahead will give you a wonderful peace of mind. Joy and peace can be yours as your questions about the things of God are answered.

Chaplain Ron's words are at once down-to-earth and exceedingly spiritual as he guides us on a journey of self-discovery with Heaven becoming our destination.



Chaplain Ron Ricketts is the Founder and President of Church Growth Evangelism, a ministry that helps churches and para-church ministries bring the message of God's love to people in their local communities. Ron's work as a Hospital Chaplain has been the motivation for this manuscript. Ron's goal has been to help people, from all walks of life, not to miss the love God has for them. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, he now resides in the San Fernando Valley.

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